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Steve Sirgiovanni


Steve shares our concerns about the neighborhood because he lives and works here. He drives these streets every day, shops at local businesses and wants the same things we want — a safe neighborhood where kids can play and business owners can make a living for a hard day’s work. District 32 is a working community with the American Dream on display every day. People work hard, take care of their families and hope their city will provide the services their tax dollars support.

Steve’s father and both of his grandfathers owned businesses in this community. It’s where they realized the American Dream — that hard work can lead to security and even prosperity. Steve learned how to run a business at the side of his father, who ran Augie’s TV and Radio in Ozone Park for 60 years. When his father passed, Steve took over the business and ran it for another decade. It’s where he lives, where he works and where he conducts business every day. Our community is his community. He understands our challenges, concerns, hopes and dreams. 

As a councilman, Steve will have an open door policy and work for the community 24 hours a day. He pledges to make time available on evenings and weekends for virtual and in-person meetings. He wants to make sure the community is safe and to make sure the residents have what they need. 

Steve has always been one to lend a hand. Here are some examples: