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As a business owner and property owner in District 32, Steve knows and shares your concerns. Some residents have weathered the COVID-19 pandemic and others have faced significant challenges. Steve wants to make sure residents of this district get what they need.


Everyone wants to live in a safe community. One way to achieve that is to return funding to the NYPD, return the anti-crime unit, expand the community police presence and the civilian patrol and repeal bail reform. Steve opposes the closing of Rikers Island.


Education is the key to success and we need a system that works. Steve wants to ensure students in pre-K through 12th grade receive a quality education. He is opposed to the lottery system and would maintain admission standards for all students. Our children are tomorrow’s leaders; we need to ensure they have what they need to be successful in life.”

Help for local businesses and property owners

Even before the coronavirus pandemic some businesses were struggling. Local business owners and property owners need economic relief in the form of tax credits and rent and mortgage relief. Let’s use low interest loans and review property taxes to help those at all ends of the income spectrum.

Help for Seniors and Veterans

Our senior citizens and veterans are among the most marginalized populations. We need to take care of our older residents, who took care of us and helped make our community what it is today. We need to maintain funding for the services that keep them safe and explore new ways to deliver the things they need the most whether it’s access to mental health services, fresh food or transportation.

Community Services

Steve pledges to be a clearinghouse of information for the constituents of District 32, providing help with access to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations and services such as public safety, police protection and streets and sanitation while making sure residents benefit from all city, state and federal relief programs.